in light of this new revelation of how common people telling you this was, i apologize for what i have done in the recent past

I am the most generic looking human on earth

Anonymous said: Nah, I don't know you, heheh, sorry

A lot of people tell me I look like their friend

like EXACTLY like their friend

Anonymous said: They're gone they're gone they're gone they're gone...!

nah nothing this time


do you ever see someone with the same name as you and your immediate reaction is just


last weekend I met another Keith and I literally said this

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I am the most generic looking human being

Or you realized who I am and didn’t want me knowing who you are, which is why you’re on anon

Anonymous said: Never mind, sorry, I don't actually know you, again I apologize.


Anon, these posts are me trying to help jog your memory so you would send another message, maybe with who you are

Especially if I know you

My name is Keith

I worked at Camp Geronimo